13 abril, 2011

Lita Menges

(By Her)

Lita Menges was born on 26 April 2007 SL, immediately fascinated by the magic world and the creative potential of this Second Life, started working as a manager for various land and open an activity devoted to planning, coordination and promotion on sl;  Visiv@Group. But her passion for photography and art in general has brought around the metaverse in search of creative ideas, has two years and now owner of RagDoll GraphiArt deals photography and digital art 360° sl and rl, working for major Italian brands in fashion sl and several top fashion models and agencies worldwide. Has to her credit several publications in various virtual and rl magazines, not only for fashion, but also and especially for the digital artwork, collage in blending, since it enables to express herself in artistic and personal level. Her creations are characterized by dark tones and surreal scenarios, and they are the manifestation of a complicated psyche that often lives of contradictions and creates waves of deep emotions.

[...Photos, all that we do, are our point of view on the world...
Some photos are perfect, but often they have nothing to say...
Other a few less perfect, but so alive you can feel their scream ...]
Lita (Nancy)

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